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Notes on All The Light We Cannot See, my latest MailChimp post on the craft of writing.


These essays explore how to write a novel, a screenplay, and writing for the stage. By offering scene by scene breakdowns of popular stories, you can learn to write well from understanding what successful authors are doing to create compelling stories.

Capsule reviews of current movies with an emphasis on story structure and lessons on how to write a movie script. Current reviews include Mad Max, Tangerine and The Visit.

This site offers writers new ideas on the essential elements of storytelling through reviews of popular novels, plays, and screenplays.

--Bill Johnson

"I have never reviewed anything on Amazon before but I feel so indebted to Bill Johnson that I have to give him a review. I went to a big name film school for college and throughout the entire 4 years and thousands of dollars, I never learned more about storytelling then I did reading this 3 dollar kindle book. Bill Johnson really gives you the map to the maze. After 6 years of making movies, I had some idea on what made a story work and what didn't, but Bill Johnson really gives the theoretical groundwork to what makes a story resonate with an audience. Not only did the book corroborate some ideas that I already had but enriched them and gave me so much more to think about. Thank You Bill!"

Posted from Bill's Amazon Central Author page.

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Storytelling and the Superconscious Mind

by Bill Johnson

Understanding how to get to a quiet, contemplative place to create more compelling characters; and how to create characters who have inner lives separate from an author's inner life.

Premise and Mystery

A scene by scene review of The Usual Suspects that explores what makes this a great film.

Story Line/Plot Line

Understanding what makes the beginning of a story the beginning.


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A video I created about the life of Samuel Clemens, aka Mark Twain.

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